Isn't it about time?

We are happy to welcome you to iBusinesscard, the electronic business card that will make it easier for you to get your business closer to your customer. iBusinesscard doesn’t replace your paper business card but compliments it. 88% of all paper business cards get thrown in the bin in the first week, so how can we help you stay out of the bin? After downloading the App, (link below), you can easily upload your contact information from LinkedIn. You can then upload onto the card, a URL link to your website or product list, a presentation of yourself or your services on offer, any other relevant link or information you wish your customer to see. Then you are ready to go!

To help you get maximum coverage of your card, if you choose, you can automatically share with others at selected networking and conference events. You can also receive cards, and if you choose to, upload their information to your contacts list and save their business card for future use. We also give you the option of sharing a single card with your customer, making iBusinessCard more personal.

We can safely say this will improve your chances of success in getting higher return on your offerings. We encourage you to keep using your paper business card, but it will greatly help you if you have an electronic option to engage with your customer. Isn’t it about time?